About us

Dear fellow Mistresses,
And beta boys.

I'm MMM. I am an Austrian located amateur Mistress. At least for my beta husband.And I hope you like what you've found on this homepage. Because I do.

I always wanted to make some kinky publication and due to my work as elementary school teacher and headmistress in private, the better beta workbook was a match made in heaven. In the pandemic I started to create some first assignments for my beta. They were annoying and time consuming and embarrasing and he hated it. So I did what every good Mistress does: I made them more annoying and time consuming. And sexy.

And then he got into it. After two weeks he really enjoyed to solve my tasks - and get some punishments or rewards. After three weeks he begged me for new tasks. And since we hadn't anything better to do in another lockdown, I started to create a serious version of my workbook. And I know that my drawing skills could improve, but on the other hand. It's more than enough for you whiny bitches!

Speaking of, my poor beta was essential to the issue as he quickly grew in the most important role of the "Chief of suffering". He also pampered all my needs and did the website-things. So give him a respect. He did a good job - for a beta.

And since you need to be very open-hearted when working in this issue of better beta, we also decided to portrait ourselves. My husband is born 1989, is 4 years older than myself. He works also in the public sector and his greatest pleasures are being my subbie and Ping-Pong. My kinks are femdom (obviously), dominance, to mess around with my beta and Pizza Salami.
When I'am not controlling the little brats at school (which I like) nor my little beta at home (which I love), I spend hours in the Viennes coffee houses. And do some sport. Sometimes.

And that's all we want to share. Please respect our privacy as we respect yours!
At least for now.