Finally, a workbook for littles and their caregivers!

While working on the 2nd Volume of Better Beta, we got a little into well… being little. Since many of you are not only into femdom but also celebrate the ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lover) Lifestyle, which we are also very enthusiastic about, we decided to create a unique workbook for little boys and girls and their caregivers. And we have to admit… it could be a match.


Right now, we have started brainstorming and creating a concept. While better beta has a femdom theme and is directed add betas (obviously), we want to make GROWING LITTLE suitable for all genders and roles in the adult baby lifestyle. An adult coloring book for adults who like cute little rubber ducks, fluffy diapers, and a little bit of harsh humiliation and punishment. Hehe…

If you want to keep updated or have any ideas for GROWING LITTLE, just write us an E-Mail