Mistress's Manual

To train your beta, punishments are – beneath others – a great tool to convince him about the seriousness of the education. And it also motivates him to execute the tasks properly. Since every Mistress-beta-relationship is different, I encourage you to create your own punishment style.

On this page, I want to show you how I punish my beta and – even more critical – where you can find mistakes and, therefore, good reasons for a lovely little punishment. And since “better beta” is an ideal tool to educate your beta over distance or when separated, there are also ideas for telepunishment. I you don't trust him, supervise his punishment via video chat.

After the general punishment ideas, you will find advice and experiences for every single task in the first better beta issue. Have fun(ishment)!


Better beta is much more fun with mean feedback. If you don't have a Mistress for correction, I recommend stop reading and trying my Online Tutoring.

General Punishment

Lazy Coloring/Small Mistakes

Poke him with a pencil for every mistake.
And don't forget to use your sharpener now and then.

Missing Coloring

This comes from huddling. So let him stay in the corner – one or two minutes for each missing item.

Bad Handwriting

First of all, lousy handwriting shows a lack of respect! So, before you waste your time struggling through his ugly font face, let your beta write lines repeatedly until his font face gets nice and readable.

Inappropriate behavior

A beta has to be polite and well-educated at all times. Let him kneel with a pencil under each knee if he can't do that. This excruciating position is the perfect opportunity for him to think about his behavior, and it usually takes just minutes to regret it.

Blank fields/Missing answers

If he is too stupid or too embarrassed to answer, squeezing his balls is a great brainstorming tool and usually guarantees immediate success.

Breaking the rules/Wrong answers

For this, there is only one tool. The ruler. Three spanks on his hand, on his bottoms, or wherever it helps him most to remember.


When you think he isn't honest enough, give him 30 minutes of corner time to think about it again.


If he was a good boy, reward him as you wish. With some treats like allowances, teasing, or - if he was a very good boy - even a full orgasm.

Add whips, robes, handcuffs and all other kinks as you wish!

Better Beta Volume 1 - Mistress's Manual

In order of appearance.


Usually, this is the first task for your beta, and it's designed to determine your roles. On the one hand, you can demonstrate your role as his teacher to your beta. Will you be strict or fostering, punishing or rewarding, fair or mean? It's up to you.

On the other hand, your beta learns that the better beta workbook is not just a fun little play but severe education. And he learns how high the standards are set. You decide how accurately he has to color the hearts, how neat and respectful the typeface must be, and how honest, creative, or humiliating the answers to meet your expectations.

For those who set the standards where they belong, don't hesitate to get the big red marker and cross the whole page out. Here is a new blank sheet for another try. (And while redoes the coloring of the stars, make sure he knows that failing the first task is a pathetic display.)

Rules 1/much more

No more mercy. Watch out for mistakes, lazy coloring, and if he has colored every single character. And even more critical, question him about the five rules. He should know them by now. And in the future. Question him regularly. Punish him when needed.

Punishment suggestions Poking him with a pen for every coloring error.
One Minute of cornertime per missed character.
A Day of no pleasure for every wrong rule.
If he was a good boy, reward him with some teasing.

Do ass I wish!

Let him enjoy coloring this beautiful picture while you enjoy the humiliating view when he thankfully kisses the paper. If you want to turn up the heat, smear a little bit stinky on the paper before he is allowed to kiss it.

Punishment suggestions If he did a lousy job, force him to lick your ass.
If he was a good boy, allow him lick your ass.

About a beta boy!

That's an excellent task to get to know your beta better. Pay special attention to the most humiliating questions and inquire. Also, mark wrong answers. For example, when it comes to colors, you can guide your beta to choose soft, feminine colors like rose or lavender instead of a “manly” one. And since it's his new favorite color now, he should get more and more things in this color. Try to change his behavior and nudge him to the films or books or whatever you want him to like.

Chore Values

Great, now this issue pays itself off! Let your beta decide which task he wants to do additionally from now on. If you appreciate it, congratulate him on his excellent decision but don't reward him – deeds are always better than words.

If you don't appreciate it, let him do the task anyway and brainstorm another one. Repeat if needed.

Call it names!

Oh, this is fun. Let him brainstorm a suitable name for his pathetic dicklet.
Let him read every name and discuss if the name fits. For every unsuitable name (everything with big in a positive way, everything considered “manly”), let him brainstorm 5 new names. Usually, the best names are on the first sheet but don't hesitate to give him a second or third round.Have a blank sheet!

After you (by which I mean YOU) have chosen a name, he is only allowed to use this name for his pathetic dicklet. In this workbook, but also when he refers to it in public. Of course, you are free to call it however you want.

Mean memories

Most of us have bad memories. Let him tell you a story in which a girl was mean to him. Tease him with the story. When you are with other people, casually get to the subject and force him to tell the story to them.
You can help him remember by telling him a story about you, with you as the mean part.

When dream comes true

This is another excellent task to dive deeper into his wishes and kinks.
Your main objective is to decide if the drawn fantasy is a big enough step for your beta. If the picture is too unspecific (for example, a picture of you) or too vanilla (a couple having sex), force him to do it better and demand a more detailed, more kinky, more embarrassing fantasy.

When he did a good job, get him aroused and talk to him openly about the theme. Think about if you want to make his dream come true – or kink shame him on his fantasy. (As his Mistress, you are, of course, allowed to kink shame him.)


I recommend you observe him while he does this task. Enjoy the self-insult when he has to write his dicklets name, the pitiful face when he realizes how small his beta dick is, and the humiliation when he kisses the average alpha cock. Mock his cock. Be annoyed about its size, look, shape, smell, veins, and color… just be creative and mean.

When he finished, ask him which penis is more attractive. Accept no excuses.

Check with a ruler if he has drawn his dick the correct size. If he has drawn it bigger, punish it.

Stay in line

Lean back, relax and watch him despair. And destroy his own balls.

Nail it!

It's always great to have a beta with practical skills. With tasks like these, you get your own personal manicurist by finger-clicking. Let him try on his own nails to get further practice (and make him more submissive).

Encourage him to wear painted nails all the time, at least painted toenails.


With his brand-new ribbon, he will look so cute and stay horny all the time. Check his ribbon every other hour and adjust it while touching his erogenous zones or punish him for wearing it not neatly enough. After 48 hours, you can allow him to masturbate – when he consents to wear it for another 48 hours.

Cherry picking

This is another task to open your slave minds to new fetishes. Tell him that sissies are just evolved beta boys and that someday he may become a sissy too. Ask him if he prefers to be a sissy or to please a sissy. Talk to him about the sissy lifestyle, quiz him about the accessories a sissy needs, and tease him with the cock-hungry fantasies sissies have. Mention that his dick is a poor excuse of a cock but a great clitty.

Crafting lesson

Show curiosity and interest in his experiments, inspire him with disgusting ideas and observe him training his tongue for your pleasure.

Of course, deny him any pussy licking before this task is finished. After that, observe if he's gotten better.

Por No More

Beta boys get addicted to porn so easily. This task helps him to open up and express his kinks and habits. Talk to him about his porn-watching addiction. Tell him that watching that kind of porn is very selfish in that frequency. And tell him, as a responsible Mistress, you may have to regulate these habits because that's important to get a better beta.

Here! you can download the allowance for your beta. Allow you enough time to think about it.

So close yet so far!

Let his mind tangle around pussy. Check if he painted it beautifully and if he added pubic hair. If not, why not? If yes, did he draw it nicely? Also, be excited about the present you'll get. If he can't know, try to establish an online wishlist.>Mine for example

Writing lines 1

As an elementary teacher, writing lines is my favorite punishment. It's simple, easy to correct, and really annoying for him. And it burns the sentence deep in his mind. I sincerely encourage you to let him write often.

Maybe you can prepare some sentences and give them to him whenever he gets fuzzy or starts nagging you.

Egg run

A beta should try to cultivate his looks, so they are not that repelling to his mistress. Staying in shape according to your preferences should be standard for betas and enough motivation for him to reach his goals.
There will be more lections about fitness in the later issues, but it's essential to establish a routine as a first step. Set a daily hour in your betas schedule in which he works on his body to make it at least presentable. This contains sports, fitness but also grooming.

Focus Exercise

This one is for you. Let this work and observe if your beta tries harder to pamper and pleasure you. Tease him and make his urges to orgasm even stronger and reward him when he finally manages to impress you.

Bonus Page

Wow, you have come so far. Amazing. Your slave will find some extra (annoying) tasks on this page to shorten the waiting time for the coming issue. And has to add another chore to his schedule.

Beta vs. bladder

It's a fun game for beta boys when they are desperate for a wee. Let him play and roll the dice to get an allowance finally. Of course, you can order him to play a “rematch” if he was too fast.

You can also tighten the rules and make it harder to win. Draw some extra glasses or numbers – see if you can make him wet his pants!

Better Beta Volume 2 - Mistress's Manual

In order of appearance.


Writing your name in the blank is an essential first step for him to actively dive into submission and get the thought of serving deep into his mind. It also ensures that beta has one thing constantly in his mind: his Mistress's wellbeing. Make sure he colorizes the page nicely.

You are beta.

Not necessary to mention, but just to be sure. Since this is Volume two of better beta, a short recap session will get him in line again. First, it's important to let the beta introduce himself properly. You should control if he uses the name you call him. When it comes to the dicklets name, make sure it is humiliating. You can always change the name if you like. Look up “Better Beta Vol. 1 – Call it Names” for creating a proper name for his excuse of a penis.

No breaks for betas.

You will find lovely tasks for the beta to complete outside this workbook wherever there is some space. They will force him to do some humiliating things that get him outside his comfort zone, which is an excellent training. Make sure he accomplishes them in time and control the outcome. If he doesn't do a good job, it's an excellent reason for a lovely little spanking over your lap.

Namaste, bitch!

After saying the mantra, a little obedient morning routine will make a perfect start to the day. And it is also fun to watch. Supervise it randomly and make sure he takes enough time for each position and is breathing correctly. As the meaning of this exercise is to remember the positions correctly, order him to get into various positions whenever you please. (Of course, you can alter the positions to your needs.) As important as a good posture is the rapid execution of the positions. A hard slap will help.

Cane you bear it?

Finally, it's getting serious. This is a great exercise to talk about punishment. And punishment tools. While the punishments at the following site get a little more psychological, we want to start with the simplest form of punishment: Physical impact punishment.

Ask your beta about all the punishment tools he can imagine and which are his least favorite. If he doesn't consider your needs (like slapping with your hand is also hurtful to you and therefore not the best choice), add some punishment. Brainstorm a good reason why the beta needs discipline and execute it. Note that you don't need a reason to apply punishment.

A punishment to remember

This is another excellent training to help your beta understand which punishment suits you and gives some inspiration on a suitable punishment.

Beta boy rules

And now we seal the deal. In this exercise, your beta learns the rules of this workbook and is responsible for picking the fitting punishments with the right amounts. There is no right or wrong way to answer this question, but you can always play the Mistress card and tell him he is wrong.

Here is my standard solution:

Sloppy coloring – 2 pokes with a sharp pencil
Wrong answer – 3 punches in his balls
Misspelling – 1 whack with a ruler
Being dishonest – 2 clamps on his body
Refusing a task – 4 weeks in chastity
Lazy work / White space – 2 quarters in the corner facing the wall
Lack of respect / Language – 2 rounds of mouth soaping
Defiant attitude – 5 slaps on his bottom
Being a whiny little boy – 12 hours in diapers
Inappropriate behavior – 5 minutes kneeling on chopsticks

Pubic enemy

Let him draw his desired pubic hair. Even if you want your beta clean shaved, you can demand that he uses some make-up to draw attention to his little dick. Praise him if he gets creative and fancy and uses lovely dye or other accessories. Then ask him why he doesn't wear his pubic hair like that? Force him to do it.

Less is more (Privileges)

This is very fun to experiment with. And very intense for betas, as this is a life-changer. But for the better, of course. It's no problem to work with the try and error principle, which setting works best for you.

Make sure you decide about the privileges together (That doesn't mean that he is deciding actively, he needs just to be physically present and agree)

If he breaks a rule without a perfect excuse, take away more privileges.

Add little reminders to underline the seriousness. If he isn't allowed to drive the car, get a nice pink key fob that says “fuck off.” If he isn't allowed to close the door behind himself, dismantle the door handle. Or the whole door. You can also delete all his contacts but make sure you own a copy of them, just in case.

At first, evaluate the privilege plan every week. Later every two or three months should be more than enough.

Asking for permission is usually a safe choice, though if he asks too often, take away the allowance for some time.

Make good use of the time you are giving him by reducing his privileges. If he earns money at this time, it's yours. D'oh.

Find a blank sheet for your own privileges HERE!

Care & Control

From time-to-time betas need a reward. It could be nice words, gentle touching, or a nice picture to colorize.

Enema at the gates

If you are into enemas or giving enemas, this is great. You can administer them to him and have another chance to be in control over him. But it is also OK to let him practice by himself. And check the outcome. If he has no experience with enemas and the possible risks, send him to google it first.

Fun with enemas

These are some great tasks for the filled-up beta. Keep in mind that a mess could happen, but keep in mind that he tries even harder if the stakes are higher. Let him put on clothes after you administer the enema. Don't let him do the exercises in the bathroom, but in the kitchen. If he makes a mess, scold him while he cleans it up.

Solution to enema game 5: This is actually the soduko from the Wikipedia page. He should have a hard time, not we. Watch his face when you control it.

Solution to Enema Game 6: The answer is “ YOU (a)R(e) A MESS. And I hope he also made one.

From task till dawn!

Even if betas day is full of chores, there is always time to do a little task to entertain his Mistress. Even if he has done a task alone himself, you could always ask him to repeat it so that you can see and control him.

The ass-mess.

I've laughed tears watching him licking and pleasuring this paper ass. Make sure to have your smartphone ready to film him. It's hilarious and a great clip to watch when the girls are over.

Special Guests: Bratprincess.us

Does he love to get humiliated when you compare him to other, better men? Talk about those men while you touch him gently, even caressing his tiny dick.

The characteristics game is relatively simple. But doing it in only 5 minutes is somewhat tricky. Prepare yourself to punish him. After the 5 minutes pass, you can motivate him to search more rapidly with your cane. Weirdly also, nipple clamps help him to get into it and find the words way faster.

Beta's first APC

This sounds like a fun first, but even if he likes anal play, this is pretty much action for his beta hole. But it's just so entertaining imaging or watching him do this. If you are not satisfied with the object, you can always make him brainstorm about a new thing. You can do this exercise as suggested in a week, but you can also give him some more time and brainstorm the “object of the day.”

Be curious but cautious. Wash and disinfect the objects. If you are not sure about hygiene, use a condom and listen to your body.

As inspiration, this is our list (he first did it with German words, so he had to do it again:)

Inspirational list

A is for Asparagus
B is for Banana (what a mess)
C is for Champagne Bottle (use with a condom over the bottleneck to prevent a vacuum suction)
D is for Dick (actually not a real one but a pretty decent rubber dick)
E is for Electric toothbrush
F is for flowers (he looked like a vase, very decorative)
G is for ginger
H is for Hand (at least a half a hand)
I is for ice cubes.
J is for Joint
K is for knife handle
L is for Lightsaber
M is for milk frother (he REALLY liked that)
N is for noodles (cooked ass dente, very Italian)
O is for Olives
P is for Piss Enema
Q is for Queue (Billiard cue stick, don't ask us where we did this=
R is for ribbon (when he pulled it out, it looked like a magic trick)
S is for screwdriver (the handle)
T is for Tampon
U is for Unicorn (this poor little thing)
V is for Vibrator
W is for wooden stick (he carved it really nice)
X is for X mas Decoration.
Y is for Yellow Marker (if you come up with anything better, write us
Z is for Zucchini (of course, he had to eat that too)

Sleep tied

A lovely story to end the day for a beta. Let him read it alone or while you tease him. Either way, he is not allowed to cum after this. .

Writing Lines

If you've read Better Beta Volume 1, you know that I just LOVE to make him write lines. It's excellent to mesmerize him with your message, annoying for him, and convenient for you. Check his spelling, check his font face, be super severe and let him rewrite the whole page if it isn't good enough.

You can download all 6 Writing exercises right here: Writing Lines 1 - Writing Lines 2 - Writing Lines 3 - Writing Lines 4 - Writing Lines 5 - Writing Lines 6


If he hasn't a panty fetish already (which he should be because they are your panties!), help him develop one! If you like, you can place your panties over his face while he does the exercise.

After doing this exercise, you can make him do this with your worn panties.

Furthermore, make him responsible for your panties from now on. He doesn't have to wash them by hand (every time), but he should at least kiss each of your worn panties BEFORE he puts them in the washing machine.

Ruin it!

There are many possibilities to play this game. I like to watch him watching porn and make humiliating comments about his choice, the setting, and his wanking skills. Sometimes I compliment the actors, compare their dicks to his, and so on. It's fun, you will see.

When he follows the orders correctly and stops at the exact moment he comes, he should have enjoyed a ruined orgasm. I hope it's a weird scene he has to draw.

You can reward him with a full orgasm if he has done an incredible job. (But I am not sure if that would be too rewarding.)

Blow up your self-esteem.

What an entertaining and degrading scenario. This task aims to teach your bitchboy how to tread women. So make sure he treats her as good as he treats you. Check if he has engaged with the doll. Question him about it, why he gave her this name (He better not gives the doll your name), what her hobbies are so on. We will continue with this scenario in the next Volume of Better Beta. In the meantime, he should go and buy a sex doll. Don't go for a realistic one; a cheap rubber doll from your local sex shop should be more than enough for his needs. And also adds a little bit of humiliation if he is shy.

Time to grow little.

A lovely little coloring page with some tasks. And a teaser to our next workbook project: growing little, the workbook for adult babies and their caregivers. Here you can find more information about GROWING LITTLE.

The beta cum calendar.

While writing the solutions, I had the feeling that beta was allowed too many orgasms on this issue. Therefore, we should reduce that amount. And betas cum calendar is an excellent tool to do this. There are many ways to work with the calendar, and you can change the rules every month.

We liked the gamification part. And the fact that he actively plays the game and is responsible for the outcome.

Other ways to play that game would be:

Reconcile the cum dates with your personal calendar. Deny him orgasms when you have appointments, long meetings, the day after the meetings, and the day before. You could hate Mondays and Tuesdays, and you just want him to be full of energy on the weekend so he could serve you much better. You get the drill :-)

Let him draw the dice every day, but make it more challenging to achieve an orgasm by using two dice. (Or 20-sided dice, if you have one – That's terrible luck for nerds.)

Help us make better beta better!

Every Mistress-beta-relationship is different. I would love to hear about your experiences and looking forward to your suggestions. Your feedback is always welcome at [email protected]